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Brochures & Catalogues

The 1963 and 1967 Parts and Accessories brochures are now posted. More will be posted as time permits. Follow the BikeBoomPeugot website on Twitter for updates.

A great place to research bicycle parts and accessories is the VeloBase website.

1963 USA Parts & Accessories
1967 USA Parts & Accessories
1975 Special Tools
1977 USA Parts & Accessories
1978 Australia Parts & Accessories
1982/1983 Nederland Parts & Accessories
1982 International Parts & Accessories

1983 USA Parts & Accessories

1985 International Parts & Accessories

Frame Pumps

Go to the Frame Pumps webpage for information on Peugeot-equipped AD-HOC and Ventolux frame pumps.

Frame Pumps

Saddles & Seatposts


Cycleparts International Handbook - Ron Kitching's Everything Cycling, June 1979



Simplex Juyexport 61 Rear Derailleur


Huret Allvit Rear Derailleur

Simplex AR 532 Rear Derailleur

This was the first Simplex Delrin plastic derailleur that came into use in 1962 on the Peugeot 'U' models.


Simplex 537 Derailleur

Simplex 637/P, 637/NI & AV223 Derailleurs

The 637 rear derailleur came into use in 1971 on the Peugeot 'U' models.

Cranks & Pedals


Visit the Speedplay Bicycle Pedal History Museum to see the evolution of pedals including Lyotard models.

Undated Lyotard pedal guide.


Generators & Lights


Undated Soubitez catalogue.




Last Updated 6 March 2024