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Frame Pumps

Many Peugeot bicycles during the bikeboom were equipped with pumps manufactured by Ed. & F. Colombat Establishments based in Lyon, France. According to Bernard Gougaud's blog on AD-HOC pumps this family company was established around 1922.

In the 1960s and early to mid-1970s Peugeot UO-8 bicycles commonly came with Ventolux pumps, whereas PX-10 bicycles with Super AD-HOC pumps either labeled SPECIALE COURSE in the 1960s or PEUGEOT in the 1970s. In the mid-1970s PX10 bicycles also came with AD-HOC COMPETITION pumps labeled PEUGEOT. The Ventolux and Super AD-HOC pumps are illustrated in the early to mid-1960s advertisement posted below with permission from Bernard Gougaud.


Super AD-HOC et al. models

Ventolux et al. models


My collection of Ventolux pumps reveals there are at least three generations based on different combinations of barrel screw cap material, piston washer attachment, exterior plastic ring color shade, and hose bolt diameter. In terms of age, my best guess is that the first generation represents 1960s, second generation early 1970s, and third generation mid-1970s. The second generation pump presented here was an original accessory on my 1972 Peugeot AO8. I replaced the original hardened and crumbled rubber piston washers on all of the pumps with either leather or rubber cup washers.

Comparison of Ventolux Pumps

Barrel Screw Cap Material
Piston Washer Attachment
Middle Plastic Ring Color
Hose Bolt Diameter
1st Generation
Dark Blue
~4.5 mm
2nd Generation
(Early 1970s)
Dark Blue
~4.5 mm
3rd Generation
Medium Blue
~5.0 mm

Top - 3rd generation
Middle - 2nd generation
Bottom - 1st generation
Top - 3rd generation
Middle - 2nd generation
Bottom - 1st generation
Top - 3rd generation
Middle - 2nd generation
Bottom - 1st generation
Right - 1st generation
Middle - 2nd generation
Left - 3rd generation

The top of the aluminum screw cap on the 1st generation Ventolux pump is inscribed with "MADE IN FRANCE" and "MLE DEPOSE." MLE is a variant of the abbreviation for the word 'modele' (i.e., model), and together MLE Depose means 'patented with trademark.'


Measurements of Ventolux Pumps

The uncompressed length of Ventolux pumps is 48 cm (depending on condition of the handle spring), and the fully compressed length is 45 cm. The outside barrel diameter is 24 mm, and inside diameter with threads is 22.5 mm. However, the true inside barrel diameter would be closer to 24 mm.

Uncompressed pump length (48 cm)
Compressed pump length (45 cm)
Outside barrel
diameter (24 mm)
Inside barrel
diameter (22.5mm)

Repair of Ventolux Pumps

Dents. Dents in the barrel of Ventolux pumps can easily be repaired by simply removing the piston, inserting a 7/8 inch wooden dowel into the barrel, resting the dowel between your legs, and gently tapping around the dent with a rubber mallet.

Dent repair

Washers. The original rubber washers that came with all my Ventolux pumps disintegrated long ago. I replaced them with 23 mm leather or rubber cup washers. The rubber cup washers are newly manufactured Zefal brand and their diameters are true, while the leather cup washers are unbranded and their maximum flange diameters varied and were ~24 mm. Only the rubber cup washers can be pressed onto 3rd generation pumps because the base of the leather cup washers is too thick. I suspect that a 24 mm rubber cup washer (which I have not been able to locate) would work better than a 23 mm rubber cup washer, but the smaller size works when silicon grease (e.g., Danco) is applied to the washer and silicone lube (e.g., STP) to the inside of the barrel. Do not use petroleum-based products that will degrade rubber. I conditioned the leather cup washers with Silca NFS Leather and Pump Lube, and applied a small amount inside the barrels.

23-24 mm Leather cup washer
23 mm Zefal
rubber cup washer
Silicone grease
and lube

Hoses. The hose bolt thread diameter on the 1st and 2nd generation Ventolux pumps is smaller (~4.5 mm) than on the third generation pumps (~5.0 mm), so it is important to get properly matched replacement hoses if needed.

1st & 2nd Generation pumps with ~4.5 mm diameter hose bolt thread 3rd Generation pump with ~5.0 mm diameter hose bolt thread Comparison of 4.5 (left) & 5.0 (right) mm diameter pump hose bolt threads    

Super AD-HOC


The original design that evolved into the Super AD-HOC pump was patented in 1940. This patent was for a unique piston guide cup located underneath the barrel screw cap. The cup provided two points of contact to guide the piston rod and could be filled with oil to slowly lubricate the piston felt or leather washer.


Guide Cup With Lubrication Original Patent Document

Translation of Patent Description

Comparison of Super AD-HOC Pumps

Other than labeling, the Super AD-HOC Pump remained largely unchanged over the decades. In the 1950s and 1960s the racing model was labeled AD-HOC SPECIALE COURSE. In the 1973 Japanese and 1974 American Cycles Peugeot brochures, the "Super Ad'Hoc Course" pump on PX10E bicycles is labeled PEUGEOT.

AD-HOC Speciale Course Pump
AD-HOC Speciale Course Label
AD-HOC Super Course Pump
AD-HOC Super Course Peugeot Label

The top of the aluminum screw cap...

AD-HOC Super Course 'SUPER AD-HOC'
AD-HOC Super Course
'Cuvette MLE SGDG'

Measurements of Super AD-HOC Pumps




Last Updated 21 June 2021