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1968-1970 Flyer

This is a late 1960s distributor's brochure, probably 1968 to 1970.  The dating is based on the PX10 and UO8 figures that show the seat tube decals with the championship color stripes adjacent to and bracketed by the checkerboards. This decal design was first shown in the 1966 Catalogue Pieces Detachees Bicyclette master catalogue published in October 1966, and first used by Team Peugeot in 1967. The dating of the flyer is also based on the PX-10 description, equipped with a Stronglight 93 crankset that was introduced either late 1967 for model year 1968 or during 1968 proper (R.S. Brodercik, personal communiation), and a Simplex 537 derailleur that was replaced by the 637 model in 1971. In addition, the UE-8 & UE-18 page has a handwritten dealer's note dated 4/18/1970. An identical flyer came with a PX10 purchased by Jim Waltz in 1970 from Don Gill's Bicycle Shop in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Thanks to Jim Waltz for sharing copies of his receipt and PX-10.

UO-8 & UO-18
UE-8 & UE-18
AO-8 & Folding
Waltz Receipt
Waltz PX-10



Last Updated 21 June 2021