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1962-1963 Flyer

This flyer came in one package from Franklin Imports, Inc. along with a cover letter and order form dated February 1964, and a Peugeot Racing Parts and Accessories flyer dated May 1963. The flyer is probably from 1962 to 1963, since the PX10 was originally listed as having the Simplex 61-Luxe and LJ-23 derailleurs, that were replaced by the Prestige Delrin-type derailleurs in 1963. In addition, the UO8 is listed as having the Huret Allvit derailleur that was replaced with the Simplex Prestige derailleur. The American Bicyclist and Motocyclist February 1963 issue announcing Franklin Imports, Inc. as an importer and distributor of Peugeot bicycles in the United States describes the PX10 as having the Simplex 61-Luxe derailleur and the UO8 as having the Huret Allvit derailleur. This flyer was modified with a stamp after printing to reflect these changes. Furthermore, the Peugeot racing colors including black lugs and checkerboard pattern was first used by Team Peugeot in 1963 and appeared in the 1963 to 1964 French master catalogue published in October 1964, and the PX10 pictured in this flyer lacks these designs.

Cover Letter
Order Form



Last Updated 21 June 2021