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1988-1989 Brochure

This is a dated 1988-1989 brochure that Philip Lord obtained when he purchased his PHE 20 Mont Blanc new in 1989.  Thanks to Philip for sharing this brochure and a photo of his bicycle.

Thanks also to David White for sharing a photo of himself on his 1975/76 UE8 purchased new in Melbourne during the worldwide 10-speed craze and his bicycle today.

Philip Lord's 1989 PHE 20 Mont Blanc
David White in 1975/76
David White's UE8 today
Front Cover
Carbon Pro
P501BW Ventoux
PHE20 Mont Blanc
PE10DW Aubisque
PE10SW Avoriaz
VTT6BW Europe Express
VTT4BW Alpine Express
VTT2GW Canyon Express, VT1 Ladies MTB
PH46W Chambord, PE15TW Cassis
Specifications 1
Specifications 2
Back Cover




Last Updated 21 June 2021